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Our Value Proposition At Nixinn

The value-proposition we bring to our customers include :-

That is going to be difficult to do. How do you pick the five best reasons from a long list. Anyway, here is our stab at it.
  • commitment to your success.Respect for your intellectual property and confidential information. Ethical business practices..
  • We will not leave any stone unturned until you are satisfied.We focus on developing a long-term relationship. All our interactions, processes, and solutions are geared to bring you value in the short, medium and the long term. We do not cut corners or take short cuts in our quest to earn your trust.
  • We bring value that enhances your competitive edge.Cost reduction, increased quality, quicker delivery; all of which are critical to success in today's business, is what we strive to help you achieve..
  • Customize our solution so that it is right for you.We recognize that your needs are unique, and we will modify our solutions to deliver what you want and when you want it.
  • Specialization is the key to success.Our industry & technology experts help you succeed. Yes, by helping you succeed, they help us succeed.
  • Our technology & solutions partnerships deliver the right solutions for you.We partner with technology leaders and solutions providers to bring you the latest technologies that enhance your the competitive edge.
  • Meaningful Performance Criteria & Service Levels.You rate our performance based on criteria that matter to you. Based upon your evaluation of our performance, you reward us or penalize us.


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130, 4th floor, 5th Main Rd,
3rd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079
+91 8861512354

Our core values and methodology

We believe in some methodology and transparency in our work. There are some steps which we follow before starting any project and task.