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Our Employees’ Bill of Rights Care At Nixinn

Nixinn strongly believes in and acts on the basis of the following Employees' Bill of Rights:.

A . Always be treated with Dignity and Respect

  • Be recognized for capabilities, contribution & performance in a timely manner
  • Transparent communication. Information on a need to know basis to help them succeed
  • Always trusted… unless there is strong evidence to be treated otherwise

B . A motivating, fair, friendly and performance-oriented work-environment

  • Easy access to Senior Management to share ideas & give suggestions for Improvements.
  • Only Performance determines career growth, compensation and rewards.
  • Managers and Nixinn will always live up to the commitments made to the employees.
  • Opportunities for Career Growth and improvement of skills & personality.
  • No negative stress – No physical, verbal or mental abuse.
  • Discrimination-Free. Nepotism-Free. Harassment-Free.

We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path for financial success and we stand ready to work with them

C . Access to HR for addressing grievances without any fear of repercussions.

  • Access to HR and Senior Management to voice grievances.
  • Patient hearing. Fair investigation. Fair resolution according to Nixinn policies & values.
  • No worry about negative repercussions from voicing grievances.

D . As a result of Nixinn’s Employee Care Vision and the Bill of Rights,each and every employee at Nixinn should be able to confidently say:

  • At Nixinn I will always be treated with integrity and respect.
  • I can always expect open and honest communication from Nixinn.
  • I can speak frankly and share my ideas. They will be seriously considered and implemented if appropriate. And yes, I will get credit for my ideas and initiatives.
  • My career and success are important to Nixinn. I will get the training, work and freedom to excel and attain my goals.
  • When I produce extraordinary results, I can expect extraordinary rewards. Only the trust I build and the performance I deliver determine my growth at Nixinn.
  • My colleagues at Nixinn are like my family. They have my back. I can count on them at all times, and they can in turn count on me.
  • I will be much better off, personally and professionally, working at Nixinn.

Our approach

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best independent Software Development. We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path for financial success.

We guarantee that by partnering with Nixinn, you will save time, save money, streamline your business, and enhance your competitive edge.

When you Engage Nixinn, you will be Engaging Excellence every step of the way. The end result to you is that you will be Engaging Success

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Our core values and methodology

We believe in some methodology and transparency in our work. There are some steps which we follow before starting any project and task.