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Vendor management

Nixinn Insights vendor management enables you to organize vendor information and analyze vendor costs and keep track of vendor performance quickly. Get all the data you need to improve your purchasing.

Invoicing & billing

Nixinn Insights billing and inventory management system help you create invoices quickly and easily based on real-time inventory data. Auto inventory updates on item billing. Email invoices as PDF's for customer record. Quick and easy return-item invoice generation. Reduce cost, save time and improve efficiency. Ensure invoicing/billing compliance with new GST.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory in no time and get real-time supply levels fast like never before. The key focus of inventory management is to minimize the total cost of inventory while maximizing the facility to provide customers with product promptly. Inventory alerts automatically notify you when inventory levels fall below thresholds you set. Inventory alerts are critical to ensure you always have sufficient inventory in stock.

Return item management

The Nixinn Insights invoice inventory system makes it easy to handle and manage your customers’ returns by providing fast, automated receiving, processing, and items restocking option.

Payment/Tax management

Multiple tax management with easy access to your tax information without getting into any calculations. Collection and compliance by automating the entire tax, and support multiple revenue types with a single view of a taxpayer’s obligations.

Detail reports

Date wise sales of items in terms of quantity and value. List of items that are highest in terms of sales value or sales quantity. Get complete information on products in stock, purchase returns, vendor, and purchase history.

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