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Visitor management database to record precisely about visitors in premises. Information like visitor name, contact details, high quality image, business card scanning, thumb impression, photo id proof, purpose of visit, visitors organization details and luggage details.
Check-in and check-out facility helps keep efficient visitor tracking assuring safe and secure visit. You’ll have all their details and reason for their visit at your fingertips. You can get real-time precise information about meetings in process, transferred meetings, visitors, elapsed time, visit real-time status, pending check-out, and alerts.
Fast auto generated unique barcode for every visit and get associated with the visitor’s data so that manual data procession could be eliminated for visitor management. The barcode reader reads the barcode printed on the pass at the time of exit to auto enter check-out time. Barcode scanner helps make your visitor management process smooth, fast, analytical and smart. Not only easing out sign-out process but also sign-in visitors who are pre-registered.
Token display and voice announcement can often convey more information and meaning than simple screen message. Making announcement process more efficient and easy.
Real time internal messaging makes it fast & easy to interact and share information. It helps you get rid of long and complicated email discussions and phone calls by instant messaging.
provides a comprehensive solution that helps drive your company's meeting and goals by easy meeting management and transfer facility. Meeting transfer is one of the unique feature to speed up meeting process by easy one click meeting transfer in case of high volume visitor, more priority or emergency situation.
Use your data to trace your visitors and optimize your resources during the high volume check-in week. You can use detail reports and graphs or retrieve any or all of your visitors data at any time. Extensive visitor reporting for greater traceability. Pull real-time reports of meeting spend. Identify detailed meeting activity like visitor details, purpose of meeting, type of visit, priority status, transfer meeting reports to have better understanding of visit. Extensive employee reports and lot more.
Quick access to current visitor and blacklisted visitors along with fast security alert helps secure your facility. visitor and blacklisted visitors visitor management system helps you organise and monitor all real time activities. empowers security personnel and managers empowers security personnel and managers to report incidents from the instant notifications, and efficiently capture key incident data, while also making sophisticated incident tracking and analysis simple.

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