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About Us

About Nixinn Insights

We are at Nixinn Insights Solutions experienced software developers with 7+ years of experience in developing applications, web services and software solutions. Our experiences lie in a variety of programming languages and databases, including Reactjs, Nextjs, React Native, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL. My experience also includes developing and maintaining applications, APIs, web services, mobile applications, and websites.

We have excellent problem–solving skills, and We are comfortable working both independently and as part of a team. Additionally, every developer here is familiar with the software development life cycle, and We are comfortable with developing, maintaining, and supporting software projects.


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Reasearch and Analysis

With Nixinn Insights, the software does the labor-intensive qualitative data analysis, saving you headaches. For quicker outcomes, automatically generate deep insights by utilising the newest AI and machine learning algorithms.


Negotiation and power

Take into consideration the Vendr negotiation strategy before putting on the goalie gloves for your next SaaS acquisition or renewal. With an open approach, a collaborative mentality, careful preparation, and reliable data


Creative and innovative solutions

From a local to a global standpoint, information technology creativity propels total technical growth. Possessing an effective forecasting toolkit enhances your ability.


Trasparency and ease of work

Employee morale is typically higher in workplaces that promote transparency. A study found that 33% of workers said that a lack of honest and transparent communication had a negative effect on worker morale.